Digital Animation Services
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Company Profile

   Seems hard to believe back when we started that outputting computer animation to VHS tape was state of the art. Well, technology has changed and now we view HD content on a large flat screen or a small cell phone. Creating quality computer generated content remains our passion regardless of the format, bridging the gap between art, technology and communication.
   Located in Denver Colorado, Digital Animation Services has been providing unique computer generated content and services to a wide range of clients for more than a decade. DAS provides photo-realistic 3D models, visualizations and animations for use in design, architectural, engineering, marketing, and corporate applications, in addition to providing consulting and software training services.
Some of these clients include:
      On Deck Sports, Boston MA
      Felsburg,Holt & Ullevig, Engineers, Centennial, CO
      Rhodes Homes Inc., Las Vegas, NV
      J.F. Sato & Associates, Denver, CO
      Lockheed Martin, Littleton, CO
      Southern Rockies Ecosystem Project (Non-Profit), Denver, CO
      Winston Associates, Landscape Architecture and Urban Design, Boulder, CO
      Bond Video Arts Inc., Highlands Ranch, CO
      Gustin Property Group, LLC, Albuquerque, NM
      Merrick and Company, Architects and Engineers, Denver, CO

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